Your donation for culture in Leipzig

With your donation, forma Leipzig can make a big difference. Because every donation helps to advance cultural work in Leipzig. New projects can be developed and established formats can be continued.

In addition, your donation enables particularly effective and creative cultural work. Because a donation allows free and skilful action - in contrast to the lengthy, very bureaucratic and often uncertain funding procedures of the public sector.

Your donation shows that art is worth something to you. People who play instruments or write books can be rewarded appropriately through your donation. In this way, your donation acts as a strong commitment to the society in which we would like to live.

With your donation you are in good company: from the speaker of the board of trustees of the famous Bach Archive Leipzig to people from the fields of law, teaching, health care, philosophy ... - in Leipzig, in Germany and worldwide.

For more than ten years, forma Leipzig has helped shape cultural life in Leipzig and is now an established and respected institution. The association is registered with the local court and the tax office has certified its non-profit status. And that also creates an attractive financial incentive for you: because you can claim your donation against tax!

Do you have any questions or would you like to speak with us personally? Feel free to contact our founding member Kai Johannes Polzhofer, PhD (Harvard):