The non-profit association forma Leipzig has been intensively promoting new music and contemporary literature since 2010.

Leipzig, a renowned world city of great musical history, can also become an important place of current musical developments today. This is the goal of our commitment, which is expressed in concerts, readings and various educational and interdisciplinary formats. Renowned institutions such as the Musikfonds or the German Music Council, but also important private-sector institutions and culturally committed individuals support our activities.

The TEKTONIK series, which puts literature and music in relation to each other and is curated by the internationally acclaimed Leipzig author Anja Kampmann, has already featured Christian Lehnert, Michael Fehr and Nico Bleutge, among others.

Musically, concerts, symposia and other formats present both the latest compositions and those of the 20th century classical avant-garde. Rarities in particular are regularly heard. Outstanding guests, both Leipzig-based and international, mostly younger, promise exciting interpretations, such as the ensemble mosaik under the direction of Enno Poppe, the cellist Séverine Ballon, the trumpeter Mathilde Conley or the bassoonist James Aylward. Since its foundation, forma Leipzig has already facilitated numerous world premieres, including works by Steven Kazuo Takasugi, Michelle Lou, Chris Dench, Franklin Cox or Reiner Bredemeyer.

In addition, forma Leipzig is an advocate for contemporary music in cultural policy. We seek exchange and encounter with local people, members of the city council as well as relevant authorities, committees and political bodies and pursue an improvement in the public visibility of contemporary music in Leipzig and Saxony. We promote this important art form, which should be accessible and passionately experienced by all people in Leipzig and beyond, young and old, with and without prior knowledge.

We look forward to seeing you!

Please feel free to find out more about how you can support contemporary music in Leipzig.

Board and Team

Foto: René Schröter
Stefan Beyer
Board | Chair
Foto: René Schröter
Dr. Ermis Theodorakis
Board | Finances
Foto: René Schröter
Juliane Harberg
Team | Music
Foto: René Schröter
Dr. Adrian Kleinlosen
Foto: René Schröter
Anja Kampmann
Literature | Artistic Direction